Baby Parrot Hatching : The Rapid Hatching of a Green-winged Macaw [Video]

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With decades of experience in both candling and hatching, we no longer wait for many of our chicks to hatch on their own. We move eggs when the chicks have pipped (either internally or externally) to the hatcher where candling takes place several times daily. When we observe through candling, chicks that are ready to come out of their shell, we manually hatch them. We have found this preferable to allowing them to expend the extra energy or possibly incur dehydration during the natural hatching process. This video illustrates the rapid manual hatching of a Green-winged Macaw that is not in any trouble and would have hatched naturally. However, with this hatching it gets an early start in life without the stress of spending the following hours fighting to get out of the shell.