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Color Mutation Photo Gallery

Nature’s Precious Gems – Natural color mutations are precious gems of nature. Voren’s Aviaries Inc, is the only facility in the world to have successfully perpetuated the genes of wild caught mutations from three separate Genus’ of Central and South American Psittacines. These are, Amazona, Aratinga and Pyrrhura. In the past, most of the photos, showing mutations in these groups, were those of wild-caught specimens. Unfortunately in most cases, the genetic opportunity to perpetuate these color mutations, would pass with the demise of a singular wild-caught bird that was never given proper opportunity to reproduce. All of the following photos are of color mutations that were produced at the facility from the original specimens that were acquired by or entrusted to Voren.

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Developmental Photos

Very little has been done to photo-document the growth patterns in Psittacine birds from the day of hatch through the majority of their physical development. It is in fact an incredible journey. This gallery attempts to illustrate the wondrously rapid physical transformation that takes place after hatching.

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General Photos

Baskets of babies and other interesting photos of all types, make this gallery worth thousands of words.

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