Jungle Birds in the Living Room Living Room

jungle-birds-living-room-vorenAn Adventure Memoir by Howard Voren

An intriguing series of adventures that will interest people from all walks of life. It contains a cultural, political and natural history education that is enriching to everyone who reads it. Regardless as to whether they have ever had a curiosity or interest in birds, the ordeals endured and the true stories about how they got from the jungles of Central & South America to our living rooms is captivating.

The author set out on this unique journey with several goals. The first was to ensure their health and to end the mortality, in the thousands of birds that were imported annually. The second was to demand that he not be paid monetarily for his services but be permitted to take a percentage of the birds to create a captive breeding population that would help end the exploitation of birds from their natural habitats. The third was to create something that could never be supplied by the Jungles of the world.

In his quest, he endured the onslaught of corrupt governments and vindictive persecution that would have sent any normal, less valiant individual packing. He refused to give up even though he was presented with uncivilized cultural differences and was forced to cope with the violent homicidal customs of a lawless society.

Come along for the excitement of an adventurous ride worth taking.

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