Baby Parrot Hatching : The Head Tuck Vs The Head Shake [Video]

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The discovery of a reflex action in hatching chicks, made at Voren’s in the late 1980’s, is an important observation for hatch assist. This action, never previously described, is the rapid shaking of the head from side to side the moment the chicks’ head becomes free from the constraints of the shell. This rapid headshake reflex only takes place if the chick is ready to hatch with the yolk and all the blood from live veins sufficiently retracted. If there are any unresolved issues in the unviewed areas during hatch assist, the chick will not display this reflex action with any surety. If the chick is far from being ready, due to either a substantial un-retracted yolk or live veins within the shell, its’ reflex will be to tuck its’ head back into the incubation position after it is lifted. This video documents these reflexes.