About Howard Voren

Howard Voren is the owner and operator of Voren’s Aviaries Inc., as well as the founder of the Voren Research Institute for Psittacultural Science. He has been a full time professional aviculturist for over forty years, and is one of the pioneers of modern Psittaculture. He is the principle author of the book, “Parrots: Hand-Feeding and Nursery Management,” which to date, is the only major authoritative work published on the subject. Howard spent fifteen years traveling throughout Central and South America studying the parrot family in their countries of origin. During these travels he collected the founding stock for what is now one of the most productive captive-breeding facilities in the world. The facility produces sixty different species and subspecies of Psittacines. This includes the regular production of 20 different types of Amazon parrots, a group that is considered by many to be among the most difficult to breed. With few exceptions, all the birds now produced by Voren for the pet trade are second, third or fourth generation captive-bred.

With the desire to educate those who were in need of accurate knowledge on the subject of psittaculture, he formed the Voren Research Institute and was a regularly featured columnist in the three largest international magazines concerning the care and breeding of parrots. On behalf of the Research Institute, he has also traveled both nationally and internationally, to give lectures on the care and maintenance that is required for continued successful captive production.

Howard Voren’s Lectures

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